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Theatre has been around for decades – thousands of years actually and it is still going on strong. Many who have had the chance to experience the theatre describe the theatre as being magical and extra ordinary. But is this all that it has to offer? Well not quite, attending a show at the Ruhr Revue, aside from being magical comes with many benefits.

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Ruhr Revue

For starters, the Ruhr Revue courtesy of the shows it holds will serve to bring you, family and friends together and closer. Not only does it get you together as a group in one place, but also allows you to share the magical experience together. Do not be shocked if you do make new friends while at it. Much like movies and books, the Ruhr Revue will provide you with an escape for a while. But unlike the movies and books, the shows in the Ruhr Revue have a more real feeling to it since you will be sharing the same space as the actors. The shows can also provide you with a fresh perspective to life and the world in general – one that you had not seen before.

In addition to providing an escape from reality, giving you laughter and joy, it has the ability to also bring sadness. But not in a negative way. As a matter of fact, the sadness conveyed in the Ruhr Revue shows and events can work to help you self-reflect and better situations in life. And just like with any art form, you get to appreciate the dedication and the hard work the actors, directors, designers and the production staff who collectively make the show a success over and over again.

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Auditioning for Auto Title Loans – Essential Application Requirements

Auditioning for Auto Title Loans – Essential Application Requirements

Having a good knowledge of the application requirements for auto title loans often ensures that the procedure is more straightforward and less demanding. It can likewise lead to huge cash savings. Car title loans are a secure and easy means of getting money quickly and at interest rates that are low. They enable families to exploit the value built up in their vehicle to obtain cash at lower rates. They are generally safe, so they cost less.

The online application process is simple, safe, and secure. Applications for value loans on auto titles are completed on the web, and acceptance is usually swift, all from the comfort of your home. Being in possession of important information and documents close by makes for a faster application process. Once your application is accepted, a company representative will be in touch to give you more information about the process and provide answers to all your questions.

Required Information

The below information, documents, and items are required for a secure online application:

  • Personal information
  • Auto title (clear and lien-free)
  • Social Security card
  • Driver’s license
  • Insurance (proof)
  • Vehicle registration
  • Recent paycheck
  • Current statement for mortgage or lease agreement
  • Current utility and home phone bills
  • Extra set of vehicle keys
  • References

Having these documents at hand before starting the safe online application process will ensure things go quicker and all the more easily. The information submitted is immediately assessed, and a response is sent via email to the applicant’s email address. Regularly, preapproval happens inside 60 minutes.

Acceptance Process

The amount of money you can borrow is dependent on the vehicle’s value. The more the worth of the vehicle, the higher the amount you can borrow. As a rule, to qualify, vehicles must be 10 years old or less. One benefit of auto title loans is that the vehicle is still accessible to the owner while the debt is being paid back.


Towards Artistic Excellence – PhenQ Myths and Facts

Towards Artistic Excellence – PhenQ Myths and Facts


PhenQ is fantastic for individuals looking for an efficient but safe method of losing weight. It is made up of substances that can subdue a person’s appetite while also effectively improving the rate at which they burn stored fat in the body.

PhenQ as a weight loss pill is a favorite for a lot of people because of its innate efficiency in making people lose the pounds they’ve piled up. However, the bane of popularity is misinformation and sometimes disinformation just to mislead the public and dissuade them from buying this supplement so they can purchase another product. If you are thinking about buying a similar weight loss supplement it’s better to find out all the information you can so that you can separate fact from fiction. Here are a couple of facts and myths;

One myth being peddled about this product is that it is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not true as it has been proven as safe for human use. In addition to this, it is manufactured in labs that have been approved by the FDA so you can rest assured that you’re getting a high performance and high caliber product.

The other myth is that Phentermine which is the active ingredient in this supplement is being produced in third world countries through substandard practices and using cheap labor. Out of all the myths about this product this is the only one with a ring of truth to it due to the existence of “sneaky” companies who try to reproduce this supplement on the cheap so as to profit from customers who don’t know better.

This is why it’s important to always buy PhenQ direct from the online portal of the manufacturer to be sure of its safety and effectiveness.


SoClean CPAP and other Accessories Recommended for CPAP Users

SoClean CPAP and other Accessories Recommended for CPAP Users


If your patients usually have problems during machine sanitization, these useful add-ons may provide a creative solution for them.

The SoClean CPAP sanitizer is capable of destroying almost 100% of CPAP bacteria, mold, and viruses. It sanitizes without water and is completely automated. It sanitizes through a method that is normally also used in produce handling, hospitals, hotels, and in treating public water treatment. It also cleans components such as the hose, water reservoir, and mask without needing to dismantle the device.


Tubing Wrap

CPAP Tubing Wraps are well-suited to different brands. The nasal pad comes as a comfy, soft gel strip placed on the nasal bridge to lessen facial sores and skin irritation, improve total mask comfort, and reduce mask leaks. The Tubing Wrap padded hose covers in fabric aids the prevention of rain-out by lightly insulating tubes and hoses, and improves comfort during sleep. The hidden soft touch zipper on the wrap spreads out all through the tube’s length so it is safe and easy to wear and take off without needing to stretch or slide unnecessarily.


CPAP Hose Lift

The piece of equipment suspends tubing overhead, eradicating hose hassle and pulling on the mask during sleep. Some brands include a loop built to accommodate insulating covers, a base that is built-in the mast, and a hook to hang the mask.


CPAP Holders

CPAP Holders conserve space by placing the machine in the vacant space between the nightstand and bed. Also, with the machine resting quite close to the head of the patient, it offers the best hose length for free movement while the holder provides a location that is easily accessible for the CPAP so that it’s easy to maintain.



CPAP Nightstand

This is a roll-out shelf. It takes as much as two CPAP devices, along with the SoClean CPAP, storage for bottles of distilled water, as well as space for personal items.

Light Up Shoes – Great Shoes for a Theatre Appearance

Light Up Shoes – Great Shoes for a Theatre Appearance


With an increasing number of light up shoes being produced and retailed, their price now ranges from $20 to $60, and this has fueled a growing craze for them. All types of shoes from high ankle shoes to the regular sports shoes started sporting LED lights. There are usually 7 different light colors and in some cases 9 different colors.

There is a simple and effective technology behind these shoes which involves a LED lighs set along with a controller unit and rechargeable battery, on/off switch, LED lights strip, and a charging wire for dual USB port that can be fixed into a rubber sole that has been specially designed to contain a space for the kit. The components are neatly arranged in the sole which is then affixed to the shoe upper resulting in your light up shoe.

Indeed, light up shoes can be regarded as electronic gadgets and they are consistently being improved. A brand has already come up with LED shoes that are controllable via a smartphone app. This allows you to select different colors and change patterns through a simple couple of taps on your smartphone. Blink Shoes, a kickstarter project creates responsive LED shoes that respond to movements made by your feet. There are interesting times ahead regarding this industry, but the most important things are the uniqueness and commercial viability of the budding industry.

Light up shoes are unquestionably fantastic for producing amazing visual effects during a performance. A lot of people have already posted YouTube videos of themselves dancing with the shoes. The fact that there are a lot of color options means the shoes work well with virtually everything in your wardrobe. They are great attention-grabbers at night and will make you stand out at a party.


How to Choose the Best AV Receiver 2017 for the Ultimate Theatre Experience

How to Choose the Best AV Receiver 2017 for the Ultimate Theatre Experience


For some reasons, it may be the right time to buy the best Av receiver 2017. Irrespective of what those reasons might be, I have awesome news for you: Receivers nowadays are filled with much-sophisticated technology with nice features thus providing better value. And the bad news: Receivers nowadays are filled with sophisticated technology and nice features thus making the research and purchasing process more cumbersome. No worries as this guide on choosing a receiver will keep you updated as far as one of the major considerations is concerned;

Stereo or Surround?

There are 2 categories of receivers namely Stereo and A/V. Stereo operates 2 speakers at once, at times in multiple rooms. Stereo receivers nowadays feature Sirius satellite radio capability or XM and HD radio tuners, as well as normal AM/FM tuners. They normally provide a phono input, as well as smartphone integration possible through a USB connection or Bluetooth, thereby prompting high-resolution audio over the latter at times.

A/V (audio/video) receivers should act as the home theater’s core. They add digital video processing, surround-sound capability, switching, automatic speaker setup systems, digital audio processing and more popularly, network video and audio support to boost the stereo receiver concept. The discussion will be targeting how to pick the best Av receiver 2017 mainly, however, remember that a lot of features pointing to product quality can be applied to both.

It is important to state that stereo receivers are generally less common nowadays than before, however, they still represent a perfect fit for people who wants them for stereo music, or those who wants to use them in smaller spaces such as the bedrooms and offices. They are also useful when it comes to enhancing TV experience, however, you should not bank on a stereo receiver to ensure that the job of coordinating a lot of sources (game consoles, Blu-Ray, satellite box or DVR etc.) to your TV is very easy.


Pre-Workout Supplements: Top 4 Rated for Women

Pre-Workout Supplements: Top 4 Rated for Women


Making a decision on a pre-workout supplement should be dependent on your budget and individual goals. There are loads of products available, but then discovering the best products available can be easily done through the methods discussed here; Let’s take a look at the ingredients to consider based on your workout target.

Strength & Power

If your primary goal is getting stronger, then these ingredients are the ones you need in your pre-workout supplement.

Creatine Monohydrate – Creatine is a well-known supplement in the market and the reason for that is not far-fetched, it works. It has a strength-maximizing ability which will result in new growth.

Taurine – This is an amino acid that is naturally present in the body which is produced from cysteine. There are varying thoughts about how taurine may be beneficial to training performance. There is a theory that it aids muscle contraction. If muscle contraction is not efficiently done, then strength and performance are adversely affected.


Muscle Growth

One of the goals for anybody who has ever lifted weights is muscle growth. Weight training on its own will lead to muscle growth, but the whole idea behind this is to boost the effect.

BCAAs – Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine, are otherwise known as the three branched amino acids. It’s a well-established fact that using BCAAs prior to training can reduce the breakdown of muscle tissue.

Whey Protein – It is often regarded as an option for post training and not a pre-training supplement. The fact that whey is quickly digested makes it an excellent choice as a post workout supplement.


Energy & Focus

Focus and energy can be a huge benefit during training sessions. Great workouts are always very direct and powered by energy. These ingredients can help boost your energy and focus.

Caffeine – This is most likely the most popular performance booster in the world because even the people who don’t train use caffeine every day.

Tyrosine – Increases concentration when the body’s undergoing stress (for instance, during a training session). It is also known to aid the shedding of fat.

Blender Buying Guide and the Best Blender – Types of Blenders

Blender Buying Guide and the Best Blender – Types of Blenders


Blenders are a piece of equipment that consumers will most probably leave on the countertop. So upscale looks, improved power, and tougher construction are the drivers behind the sales of the best blender.

You can get a new blender for as little as $20 or much more than $500. The more you pay for your blender the better the results and the more versatility you get. However, there are some exceptions, there are high priced models that will readily crack under pressure of use and tough tests, and cheap blenders that performed better than expected. This buying guide seeks to give you information about the best blender type to meet your requirements. You can also rely on ratings of various models of blenders to find the ideal match for yourself in terms of price and performance.

If you’re looking to get something for the morning smoothie or an occasional milkshake, you’ll require a different model from someone who likes juicing whole fruits. Here is a list of the four major types of blenders, from the least versatile to the most versatile;

Personal (Priced from $20 – $100)

A fairly new category of blenders targeted at people who like taking yogurt-based smoothies and power shakes on the go with mixing containers that can as well serve as travel jars. These are nor made for hard-core blending.


Immersion (Priced from $30 – $100)

A cylindrical device that has exposed blades that you immerse into the drink or food you’re preparing. It’s meant to be a supplement to the countertop blender instead of a replacement.


Conventional (Priced from $50 – $150)

These not-too-costly models are ideal for blending tasks of lower intensity, such as fresh-fruit smoothies and milkshakes. These will not work for whole fruit juicing or hot soups.



High Performance (Priced from $300 – $700)

Through the fast-spinning blades and the powerful motors, these will serve up frozen drinks, whole-fruit juices packed with fiber, and silky-smooth smoothies quickly. Some of them even work for churn-free ice cream and hot soups.

Artistic Performances and Seriöse Gewinnspiele – The Power of Play

Artistic Performances and Seriöse Gewinnspiele – The Power of Play


Seriöse gewinnspiele (serious games) is a fresh potent tool for learning development whether it is a third grader making use of an iPad app to learn normal vocabulary or NASA teaching astronauts about space missions. When they are created well, they assist learners in maintaining their engagement and motivation with educational content. This promotes sharpening of their practical skills aside expanding their knowledge. A booming serious game’s secret is dependent on the capability of the educator to rightly spot the learner’s motivations, and offer them the correct balance between reward and challenge. These little rewards is a fraction of total gain, as they come with a reinforcement of dynamic classroom environment, learning objectives and constructive feedback.

A potent aspect of these games is being able to fuel the emotions of a player thus leading to the production of all things ranging from pride to frustration so that players are well engaged as far as the task at hand is concerned. Competition serves as a huge motivator, be it against others or yourself, it is a catalyst that initiates the drive that maintains a learners’ determination to go back to a task for the purpose of gaining the accompanied rewards of improving at it or the wonderful feeling of winning. The remaining small game features like rules offer the learner limit to which they can discover or explore – learning by trial and error as well as testing theories. Problem solving can be tackled from a new perspective as learners are given the chance to take on new role and combat problems in that role – which can prove to be really priceless as a learning tool.

The power of play has begun to gain more acclaimed recognition, and fresh technology can aid its implementation in more efficient and imaginative forms. Via thorough development and through seriöse gewinnspiele, industries throughout the globe are given the chance to create more effective workforces ready to combat the problems and issues in the 21st century.


5 Benefits of Quality Website Design for Art-Inspired Businesses

5 Benefits of Quality Website Design for Art-Inspired Businesses


We are all aware that quality website design is a valued investment, however, what are the main advantages associated with hiring an expert designer? Is the financial implication worth it? Will an awesome website transform into business?

The answer is yes, and here’s why:


Expert designers are concerned with the big picture. They design your brand’s visual language that is constant throughout various contexts. Your logo, website, Twitter profile and even your business cards have to carry the same message. Brands with constant visual language lead to a lasting impression than the ones that resemble five separate side-businesses.



You’re in search of users that will go through your site and know more about you rather than mere clicks. It is important to note that majority of the people will leave after a glance at your site. It has to be something unique and magnificent to keep them wanting more, not to talk of wanting to purchase your product or service.



Calls to action equate to the sign-up, purchase immediately, and know more sections of the website. Their location on the web page is crucial and essential, the message they carry and how they look will surely influence a lot of people to purchase things from you.



Average websites don’t really achieve any result these days. Within an industry, a lot of sites are exactly the same. They say the right things, and design is not overboard, however, they don’t focus on speaking up and highlighting why they stand out.




Quality website design creates a strong platform as regards the improvements you have targeted following the initial completion of the site. The site possesses a solid enough aesthetic already meaning you won’t have to start all over again when you want to include a fresh product or service.

How to Choose Your Audition Monologue

How to Choose Your Audition Monologue

In an audition, finding the right piece to perform is the hardest part yet. Contrary to popular belief, what would work wonders in the context of an actual production will do nothing to help with your auditions. If anything, it just might make your job even harder. But before you throw in the towel and give into the thoughts of defeat going through your mind right now, read this piece to the very end. Your hope and love for the arts just might be renewed. Find some tips to help you succeed in your monologue audition.

Choose material that fits you at the moment

You should at all costs choose material that is appropriate for your age. Why is this important? Well, a monologue that is age appropriate will help to highlight your strengths and express your uniqueness in the best of lights. It is very important that we point out, ‘age appropriate; in this article is meant in the sense of what you read and not your actual age. If you are 26 and read 17, you should choose a monologue of a teenage boy/girl. You should rock this type until your type changes. Do not force change during the audition but rather let it happen naturally. Working with your type and age will give you a competitive edge in the auditions.

Choose an active monologue

The monologue you choose should be active and be in the moment. It should not be one of a memory or telling a story of another. A piece in which the persona wants somethings from another partner in the scene or is having a Eureka moment is perfect for an audition. The higher the stakes are for your character the better it is for you.

Do not be nonlinear experimental work

This is pretty much common sense but it happens all too frequently. The exception of course is if you are actually asked to do so given the nature of the show that you will be auditioning for, but aside from the exceptions, and for many auditions like those the Ruhr Revue calls for, you should never choose experimental work.

It is very difficult for judges, even renowned professionals in the industry to tell of your acting skillset from a poetic monologue. It is difficult to tell what your type is or even what your unique edge as an actor is. Decisions are made from how you work the texts. So if the texts are impossible to make out and follow when they are out of context, there is no way your work can be evaluated.

Choose a piece that shines the spotlight on your acting and not on any other skill

From your resume, the judges can tell that you have movement skills for instance. As such, if the part that you are auditioning for requires that you have strong movement skills, you will get the part or worst case scenario get a call back if your acting was good enough. It is not beneficial to have unnecessary movements in your auditions as these will only distract you from the acting, making you look bad altogether.

Never choose a monologue from a piece you have performed before

Using a piece you have performed before may sound easy, but the truth is, it is hard and can be very tricky. For any monologue audition, it is best that you start from scratch. Make the monologue its own mini play as opposed to being a part of a bigger play.

Do not do a monologue you wrote yourself or one that is not from a dramatic literature

Sure, you probably believe in your writing talents. Heck, it probably even won the state speech finals. But regardless it is not a great choice. A winner piece or not, that is not the point for the judges. It will not provide them with anything to go on as they make their decision. You may perform it even better than you did in the states finals but it won’t do you any good as it will not provide the judges with the information they require.

With the above tips, you are bound to nail the monologue auditions. Be on the lookout for when there are slots.

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