Being on the other side of the table of an audition is an extremely eye opening experience that every actor should do. You will realise that while there are very many persons who call themselves actors, there is a very small group of people who actually qualify to be called as such. You will realise that while talent is important, it is only a very small portion of being a successful actor or even passing the auditions.

But since very few actors get to sit where producers and directors sit, you probably have never so far, below are some tips from professionals on the other side to boost your chances of passing an audition.

Always carry your resume and picture

It doesn’t matter if you have a manager or a ‘mom-ager’ who promised to get you all you needed once you arrived at the interview, you have to carry your own cross. In this case, carrying your own cross means bringing your essentials yourself. If you do not have one, you will not be remembered and your manager or mom will not be held responsible if you do not have them. You are the one who will miss out on the opportunity.

Just like you would not leave your home without your shoes, you shouldn’t leave without your resume and picture.

If you have not memorised the material, do not pretend that you have

If you have lines to memorise, do your level best to memorise them. However, if for whatever reason you cannot, do not pretend that you have. You would rather read the lines as they are, with the paper in your hands than make up lines during the audition trying to prove that you made an effort.

Do not make any excuses

No one wants to hear that you have a cold or that you have a headache or that your PC crashed or that the printer broke down. Leave your problems at home and do your best at the audition.

Make a choice when you are asked to

It is common practice for producers and directors to ask you to choose between two monologues or between three songs from the book. They do this to learn what it is you are attracted to and not to put you on the spot. Well, yes you will feel like you are on the spot but that is not the point. Actors have to constantly make clear choices going with what they feel they love and are attracted to.

Always make your 15 minutes count

You know of the 15 seconds rule right? That’s how long you have to impress. Use your 15 seconds of fame and convert them into hours, days, months and years of fame.

Adhere to the 3C’s

You should be comfortable, confident and charismatic. You have to command attention. On stage, you should be the most interesting person out of a total of 1000 persons in the theatre. Be someone that people will want to know and relate to. If you can be that as yourself, you will be able to nail it as any character that you are given.

A great audition means a great cast which translates to a great show. With the audition tips above, you are more than ready to wow the producers and directors you face when you get the chance to interview at the Ruhr Revue.