If you open up your own theater, there are instances wherein your guests will be looking for beer. Although it is not permitted to bring beer into the main theater, you’d be putting up an area where they can drink beer. For this situation, you will need a fridge that is dedicated to chilling beverages, especially with beer. After reading this article, you must check out the beer fridge reviews on IceCube to get a good look at the beer fridge of your choice.


First is design. Most of the time, experts would advise first the capacity, but then it will also affect the look and feel of the fridge. The design that is being talked about here doesn’t need to focus on the exterior – it also means the internal components and how they are employed into the system. The design of the internal components will determine how it can cool the beverages that will be placed inside. Other factors that you can include in your choice are lighting, shelves, and its efficiency. You can also judge the beer fridge according to how really cool it looks, just as it is said in design.

There are different cool designs of the beer fridge, but what you want to pick is one that is suited to your tastes. Assuming that you will put up a theatre, you will have to choose a beer fridge with a more formal look. However, there is no limit to imagination. You can choose any other beer fridge that will strike an interest to whoever passes through your bar. This way, it will create another way of entertaining your guests.

Being Cool

Sounds vague, right? In this section, you will learn how your beer fridge gets affected in where it is placed. This means that its ability to cool can change depending on its surrounding temperature. It may not be that very obvious at first glance, but the small details have significant roles to play in order to make the beer fridge function at its maximum potential.

Generally, it is best to place your beer fridge in a cool place that is away from heavy lighting and heat. If you have been to theatres and other places where they have beverage coolers, you will notice that they are placed in dimly lit areas, not to mention in a place where there is no heat coming in. Beer fridge and many other beverage coolers come with its own lighting, which is designed not to affect the capability of the machine to cool the beverages in it. You also want to consider serving the beers in the same temperature as you have stored them. In most beer types, the ideal temperature of the fridge is between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and this must be constant, too. When the temp goes too high, the beer’s lifespan gets reduced. When the temperature is too low, this will make the beer appear cloudy. Beers that have higher alcohol levels are better stored in a lightly higher temp, while those with lower alcohol content should be stored in a slightly lower temperature.