When you buy smurf accounts, you enjoy limitless advantages especially since there are some IP already there for you to obtain whatever champions you would like. If you were banned, rather than having to start from scratch and spend a lot of time and not to talk of farming all that IP again!

To start with you would wind up playing your smurf as much or even more as your major league of legends account as lower level players are normally less capable and you obtain free wins! You could afford to lose games for the sake of learning fresh skills, of simply just trying to know fresh champions or trying out our guides as well.

Being able to play more would accelerate your skillsets by default as well, you would be able to put additional hours into the game and this would normally translate into higher divisions, better games and a simpler learning curve for you. Dedicating yourself to new builds, new runes, new champions etc.

It would prompt you to understand what the others do, how they play and how they play against you as well, forcing you to know the intricacies of thevarious combinations of strategies and skills that the rival will bring your way.

There are majorly two methods to purchase a smurf, you could either buy one from an account supplier or make one through the major League of Legends website. Most of the community buy smurf accounts as the main popular method of getting one. League of Legends accounts that are unverified and also not botted are normally the accounts of which are unflagged.

As for professional League of Legends users, Riot Games offers these playersaccounts which are of diamond with 5 mmr level so that they don’t waste time on the levelling of an account and rather these users couldconcentrate on practicing and getting better. These accounts have access to all skins and champions.