One of the most frequently asked questions about cs go smurf is why skins are so essential and the reason why people want to get them at all cost. The simple answer is that people utilize skin for their weapons to make them look attractive. Some people buy this stuff for their own satisfaction and fun while others buy it to display affluence or ego. You can buy csgo skins from one of the following brands:

Factory new skins:

These kinds of skin products give the weapon an incredibly attractive look but the downside is that these skins are costly, and cost more than the normal price of a skin, it can cost more than 100 dollars but all these limiting factors don’t deter people from buying csgo skins.

Field tested skins:

They are used skins with a good working condition.They are used for a special purpose and give the weapon a classy look.The upside is that they are less costly than factory new skin.One can easily acquire a csgo skin from this brand.

Battle Scarred Skins:

As the name implies, battle-scarred skins are certified used skins. The downsides of this brand are Color distortion and scratches but that is one factor that gamers usually ignore. There are other skins available in this specific section that are still in perfect shape.

Csgo skins trading is a common practice similar to the trading of cs go smurf. You have the chance of trading used skins for new exciting ones. This limit your options into just two either field tested or battle scarred. Trading occurs through the various online chat platform. Some gamers also display their stocks from which you can make your selection and trade.