The main advantage of having the Instant Messaging in your business, especially when you are running a theatre, is that you get to update the people in your circle about the upcoming events or shows that will take place in the theater.

But here are other things that you need to learn, especially when you are using Kik online.

Great for group chat

Kik IM app is great for group chat, because you get to send one message to all the people that are in your contact list. You don’t need to send the same message to every person in your contact list manually. All you need is utilizing the group chat and everyone will join in. Before, group chatting was not available in every instant messaging app. But one company saw the opportunity of creating this feature, which is why they are getting a lot of sales from this solution alone.

Connect with teams at off-site locations

In various businesses, this is definitely a plus for them since they will be connected to a single IM app without contacting every team manually. Some businesses have to be in constant connection with the other teams in other locations for various purposes. And these communications made are very vital for the performance of the company as a whole, whether they are at the main office or at various branches. It will be easier for teams to share their files and archive them inside group chats or individual ones.

Complement with communication

Instant messaging also augment or complement the traditional way that people communicate. It is perfect to use this app because whenever you are in a call and you don’t want it to be interrupted, you can just make requests in the app for whatever information you want to inquire. It is perfect to use the IM app, too, especially when the one you are chatting with is in concern or linked with the current phone conversation.

Breaking down barriers

Instant messaging works best wherein a one-on-one conversation is done in real time, but not really need to be spoken. Many businesses today make use of instant messaging in a daily basis, mainly for communicating with offshore companies that manages a lot about the back office work. It will enable understanding between two parties from worlds apart, especially when speaking in different accents can be a challenge for some. Having a common ground by chatting in English, it will help both parties come to an understanding better and faster.

Cost efficient

This is one of the popular reasons why Instant Messaging has remained a popular choice among businesses is because it saves the cost of doing a long distance or collect call. Both incur such huge amounts of expenses that it is better to have spent on more productive aspects of the business. By employing Instant Messaging, you get to redirect the budget you have for long distance and collect calls to more important projects. You will be amazed of the amount of money you can save from Instant Messaging.