For some reasons, it may be the right time to buy the best Av receiver 2017. Irrespective of what those reasons might be, I have awesome news for you: Receivers nowadays are filled with much-sophisticated technology with nice features thus providing better value. And the bad news: Receivers nowadays are filled with sophisticated technology and nice features thus making the research and purchasing process more cumbersome. No worries as this guide on choosing a receiver will keep you updated as far as one of the major considerations is concerned;

Stereo or Surround?

There are 2 categories of receivers namely Stereo and A/V. Stereo operates 2 speakers at once, at times in multiple rooms. Stereo receivers nowadays feature Sirius satellite radio capability or XM and HD radio tuners, as well as normal AM/FM tuners. They normally provide a phono input, as well as smartphone integration possible through a USB connection or Bluetooth, thereby prompting high-resolution audio over the latter at times.

A/V (audio/video) receivers should act as the home theater’s core. They add digital video processing, surround-sound capability, switching, automatic speaker setup systems, digital audio processing and more popularly, network video and audio support to boost the stereo receiver concept. The discussion will be targeting how to pick the best Av receiver 2017 mainly, however, remember that a lot of features pointing to product quality can be applied to both.

It is important to state that stereo receivers are generally less common nowadays than before, however, they still represent a perfect fit for people who wants them for stereo music, or those who wants to use them in smaller spaces such as the bedrooms and offices. They are also useful when it comes to enhancing TV experience, however, you should not bank on a stereo receiver to ensure that the job of coordinating a lot of sources (game consoles, Blu-Ray, satellite box or DVR etc.) to your TV is very easy.