Even if there are several warnings in regards to LoL players that buy League of Legends accounts, many new players are still out there buying them because of the reason that they want to get ahead of the game.

How it Began

Beginners of League of Legends are likely to find excitement the first time they create their account and play the game. As the game progresses, some of them will find that it takes time for them to level up and then think about how they can increase their levels in a short amount of time. This has been the thoughts of the players in the earlier days when they find that they couldn’t keep up with the other players that have very high levels. Another reason would be how low level accounts, especially those below level 30, have limited spells and features and players of this level can only do as much as what is made available to them. This makes other players annoyed and prefers that there would be someone that can play their account and rise it up at higher levels. This is where smurf accounts comes in.

Smurf Accounts

Smurf account is an account that is handled by a veteran or a player that has an extensive experience with playing League of Legends. They have knowledge on how to level up an account beyond level 30 in a short amount of time. The more time they spend in leveling up accounts, the more knowledge they possess on how they can take accounts to higher levels in the shortest time possible. Their techniques are not cheating – they just found areas, quests and other features in the game that they can take advantage of so that the level of the account goes higher.

Smurf players got a bad reputation from other players that are playing the traditional way – from square one all the way to higher levels. This is because some smurf players pretend to be “weak” or a total beginner of the game by showing how low their levels are, but all they do is taunt or bully other new players in the game. This has gotten the attention of Riot, the developer behind the LoL game. Because of the recurring incidents that happened with smurf players, they have decided to ban accounts that are believed to have undergone smurf playing.

This may seem like good news to those who prefer to play in a conventional means, but there are so many smurf accounts that it is quite a chore for Riot to ban all of these accounts. This means that you can still play with LoL accounts that you have bought, but be sure to be discreet enough that the Riot server will not find anything fishy from your account.

As much as possible, be considerate with other new players that are playing the game their own way, if you wish to remain playing in the League of Legends game.