With an increasing number of light up shoes being produced and retailed, their price now ranges from $20 to $60, and this has fueled a growing craze for them. All types of shoes from high ankle shoes to the regular sports shoes started sporting LED lights. There are usually 7 different light colors and in some cases 9 different colors.

There is a simple and effective technology behind these shoes which involves a LED lighs set along with a controller unit and rechargeable battery, on/off switch, LED lights strip, and a charging wire for dual USB port that can be fixed into a rubber sole that has been specially designed to contain a space for the kit. The components are neatly arranged in the sole which is then affixed to the shoe upper resulting in your light up shoe.

Indeed, light up shoes can be regarded as electronic gadgets and they are consistently being improved. A brand has already come up with LED shoes that are controllable via a smartphone app. This allows you to select different colors and change patterns through a simple couple of taps on your smartphone. Blink Shoes, a kickstarter project creates responsive LED shoes that respond to movements made by your feet. There are interesting times ahead regarding this industry, but the most important things are the uniqueness and commercial viability of the budding industry.

Light up shoes are unquestionably fantastic for producing amazing visual effects during a performance. A lot of people have already posted YouTube videos of themselves dancing with the shoes. The fact that there are a lot of color options means the shoes work well with virtually everything in your wardrobe. They are great attention-grabbers at night and will make you stand out at a party.