Marble floors can be classified as a classy and quality type of home décor. But every user knows how hard it is to clean a marble floor without the assistance of a marble cleaning service. The marble can crack due to external effects and intense pressure which will wash out your design and style. Once this happens, it will look unattractive and disillusioned.

To maintain that class and style, you must take adequate care of your floor. Though you do this on a regular basis but you still need to add some extra measures like a total or partial marble restoration.

Though marble can be considered to be stronger than most flooring materials, but it can be easily affected by heat or intense pressure or stable friction. Marble is an adsorbent element and can easily gather dirt and other unwanted particles than man-made stones or tiles thereby losing its original color design or splendor.

From our research, we discovered that one of the factors that cause marble damage is improper installation of the marble on the sub-floor. If you wish to install this marble, be cautious about this step.

When you encounter these kinds of problems, try fixing it yourself or you may utilize the service of a certified marble cleaning service to help you perform this task. If you want to do it on your own without external help, you must have a collection of essential materials like a chisel, marbles for replacement, tar paper, and top quality grout.

To properly replace the marble, you must firstly remove broken or damaged marble and may need to remove the surrounding marbles. Be cautious not to damage the surrounding marbles while removing them. You must now ensure a proper maintenance of the sub-floor and make sure that the place is even and cleaned thoroughly.