While it is rare for you to find pillows inside a theatre, it is still possible to place a pillow or two to every theater goers. This is especially true when you have a home theater and it is designed for families. You can’t help but want to feel comfortable inside a theater room, so pillows are needed.

Note that not all pillows are appropriate for theaters, which is why these pillows listed below will give you an idea which ones are proper to be used for theaters. However, imagination has no limits. You only need to use the right pillow type that you see fit in a theater. For home theaters, almost any type of pillows will do.

Body Pillow

This is an oversized type of pillow that is created to support and cradle the whole body while sleeping.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is made out of polyurethane and various chemicals. The purpose of such a blend is to increase its density and viscosity. This pillow type will react to body pressure and heat, thus allowing the mold in the head and neck in seconds while then it returns back to the original shape once pressure and heat is removed.

Contour Pillow

This is a pillow type that is shaped for the back, particularly designed for side sleepers. In the middle of the pillow, it curves down as to provide the right support of the sleeper’s head. The materials used in making the contour pillow are water, buckwheat and memory foam, which means that they share the same pros and cons of the memory foam.

Down Pillow

If you want softness, the down pillows are the right choice. They contain the most delicate fluff that comes from the waterfowl. This pillow type is very popular among those who sleep on their stomach because the pillow feels cushiony.

Feather Pillow

This pillow type has been around for many centuries and they are similar to down pillows. Just like the down pillows, the feather pillows are well loved of its softness.

Buckwheat pillow

Just change the contents of the feather pillow to buckwheat and you have a buckwheat pillow. It is stuffed with buckwheat hulls, which are the husks that provide protection of the kernels. The buckwheat hulls are first roasted in order to take out the dust coming from its growing fields. Once done, they are placed inside the pillowslips.


From the word latex, it is made out of latex rubber that is harvested from the rubber trees growing in tropical countries, usually in plantations. These latex pillows come with wonderful characteristics which makes it an ideal option for people that suffer from back pain, neck pain and allergies.

Polyester Pillow

The other name of the polyester is the “poor man’s cotton”. This is made from various materials made by man and is the most popular type of pillow in the market.

Water Pillow

This pillow type does suggest that it is filled with water, but not all. Its top part is mostly made of polyester, while the bottom is of water.