The only game you’ll hear a lot associated with the CS go smurfs account is League of Legends. However, smurf players can be found anywhere, which mostly populates the MMORPG category in games.

What is a smurf account?

Before acquiring your own smurf account, you first need to know what this account is all about.

When you first started out with the League of Legends game, you start from level 1, just like with many other role playing games. You work your way up through various quests and defeat enemies and bosses. Getting this experience will level your character up. The level up speed of the player’s character depends entirely on how smart player’s strategies their game plays. There are players that perform poorly in levelling up their account, which is why they found their way with letting others do the levelling up for them.

The reason why some players want to have their account level sped up is because they want to reach beyond level 30, wherein a lot of spells, features and other abilities are made available to the player. There are so many limits to players below level 30, especially when a player is aspiring to join the ranked matches.

This is where the smurf players come in. Smurf players are experts or those who know their way in the game and that they are knowledgeable on how to speed up levelling on accounts. These smurf players get paid for their work, whether it is by request or by selling some of their existing accounts.

Unranked and ranked Accounts

When it comes to buying smurf accounts, you will be given two choices: unranked and ranked accounts. There is little evidence or proof of the difference between unranked and ranked accounts other than the former is a safer choice compared to the ranked accounts. However, many players shared their experience between using either of the two – as long as you don’t get caught by the servers running in Riot, your account will still stay safe and you can continue playing the game. This is because there are mass produced LoL smurf accounts that it becomes obvious in the servers. These days, many smurf players prefer to make unique LoL accounts according to the preferences of their client.

Bottom-line, your account is already at a level that has most of the spells, champions, masteries, runes, and the game modes available to you. These are the features that many beginners find annoying to acquire, since they have to go through that arduous activity to level up their players.

Is it safe to use Smurf accounts?

As long as you don’t bully other beginners and that your account is at the level that is not too high for the Riot servers to react, your account is completely safe from getting banned. Just make sure that you trust your money into a site that is reputed to create clean smurf accounts. Some accounts are just too high that the servers immediately bans them.