For a family filled with cheese lovers, a customised slate cheese board is a unique gift for cheese lovers, and looks very good piled high with the finest fromage! The kitchen is the centre of the house most times, and for a family filled with foodies, the cheese board represents a great celebration of everything they adore. It makes a lovely gift for a newlywed couple, or as an addition to the Christmas table.

Slate cheese boards are an excellent gift every time–they are a special way to show your cheese selection, and they are very easy to clean. Slabs of slate are usually rectangular, however, you could sometimes find them in other interesting shapes. Added bonus: you can write the name of each cheese in chalk, then wash it off later.

Cheese boards could also serve as decoration to boost the atmosphere of a dining area or kitchen in the course of the year. Picking the correct board doesn’t have to be an expedition in futility due to the almost endless selections available. Cheese boards provide not only a way to show the cheese, but also other tantalising snacks and foods.

Cheese boards are in a wide range of materials. Plastic, wood, or even stones such as slate or granite are available. Considering this huge range, the selection could be made depending on the foods that would be on the surface or in appearance and matching to the decor. Aside from being a unique gift for cheese lovers, slate surfaces provide easy cleaning too and could be employed for meats that have flowing juices.

We like the understated sophistication of slate boards and slate plates, which are beautiful on the table and are resilient in the kitchen. Also, the surface of the slate cheese board could be engraved deeply with the message, year and family name.