If your patients usually have problems during machine sanitization, these useful add-ons may provide a creative solution for them.

The SoClean CPAP sanitizer is capable of destroying almost 100% of CPAP bacteria, mold, and viruses. It sanitizes without water and is completely automated. It sanitizes through a method that is normally also used in produce handling, hospitals, hotels, and in treating public water treatment. It also cleans components such as the hose, water reservoir, and mask without needing to dismantle the device.


Tubing Wrap

CPAP Tubing Wraps are well-suited to different brands. The nasal pad comes as a comfy, soft gel strip placed on the nasal bridge to lessen facial sores and skin irritation, improve total mask comfort, and reduce mask leaks. The Tubing Wrap padded hose covers in fabric aids the prevention of rain-out by lightly insulating tubes and hoses, and improves comfort during sleep. The hidden soft touch zipper on the wrap spreads out all through the tube’s length so it is safe and easy to wear and take off without needing to stretch or slide unnecessarily.


CPAP Hose Lift

The piece of equipment suspends tubing overhead, eradicating hose hassle and pulling on the mask during sleep. Some brands include a loop built to accommodate insulating covers, a base that is built-in the mast, and a hook to hang the mask.


CPAP Holders

CPAP Holders conserve space by placing the machine in the vacant space between the nightstand and bed. Also, with the machine resting quite close to the head of the patient, it offers the best hose length for free movement while the holder provides a location that is easily accessible for the CPAP so that it’s easy to maintain.



CPAP Nightstand

This is a roll-out shelf. It takes as much as two CPAP devices, along with the SoClean CPAP, storage for bottles of distilled water, as well as space for personal items.